Colts QB Anthony Richardson's Concussion

Rookie Quarterback: Anthony Richardson is a rookie quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, making his debut in the NFL.

Concussion Diagnosis: Richardson suffered a concussion during the first half of the game against the Houston Texans, forcing him out of the match.

Injury Timing: The concussion occurred early in the second quarter, a significant blow to the Colts' offense.

Colts' Lead: At the time of Richardson's exit, the Colts were leading 14-7 against the Texans.

Gardner Minshew's Entry: Gardner Minshew, the veteran backup, replaced Richardson after the concussion and made a substantial impact.

Minshew's Drive: Minshew led a six-play, 76-yard drive resulting in a touchdown by running back Zack Moss, showcasing his efficiency.

Minshew's Stats: Gardner Minshew completed both of his pass attempts for 51 yards and went on to finish the game with impressive stats: 19 of 23 for 171 yards and one touchdown.

Possible Cause: Richardson may have sustained the concussion during a 15-yard touchdown run in the first quarter when it appeared he hit the back of his head on the turf.

Coach's Statement: Colts head coach Shane Steichen shared his belief that the injury occurred during that specific run, according to the Indy Star.

Self-Reporting: Richardson took the responsible step of self-reporting his concussion symptoms, highlighting the importance of player safety.

Promising Performance: Richardson's performance before the injury was remarkable, as he scored the first two touchdowns of the game.

Passing and Rushing Yards: Prior to leaving the game, Richardson had accumulated 56 passing yards (6 of 10) and 35 rushing yards, showcasing his dual-threat abilities.

Previous Week's Injury: Richardson had missed the final three plays of his first NFL start in the previous week due to knee soreness, although he was not on the Week 2 injury report.