Kendall Jenner's Versace Fashion Show Criticism

Kendall Jenner, renowned as a top model in the fashion industry, faced criticism for her recent Versace fashion show in Milan.

While many admired her flawless runway presence, some detractors accused her of benefiting from nepotism and questioned her modeling abilities.

One Reddit user harshly pointed out the irony of Kendall downplaying her family connections, saying, "It's so funny how she eschews her nepotism and connection to the Klan because look at this *."

They also suggested that her narcissism and ego hinder her improvement.

Last year, Kendall discussed her challenging modeling journey during a Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion, acknowledging that her reality TV background sometimes posed obstacles in her career.

Despite her success, her connections and past experiences continue to be scrutinized in the fashion world.