Miley Cyrus' Low-Key Romance with Maxx Morando

Miley Cyrus is determined not to repeat the same mistakes from her past romance with Liam Hemsworth in her relationship with new beau Maxx Morando.

The singer, known for her hit "Flowers," has opted for a low-key romance with the Liily drummer, as she has learned to avoid the spotlight.

According to an insider, Maxx Morando is supportive of Miley but prefers to keep their relationship private.

Miley's past highly publicized divorce from Liam Hemsworth has taught her valuable lessons, and she now values privacy.

She has reportedly learned from her past mistakes and believes that keeping her romance with Maxx low-key is the right approach for them.

Their relationship sparked dating rumors in 2021, and an insider confirmed their romance as official, indicating that Miley and Maxx are happily dating.