Bills' Stefon Diggs addresses Michael Irvin's criticism of his Josh Allen interaction.

Stefon Diggs, a great receiver for the Buffalo Bills, was seen on the broadcast yelling at Josh Allen and pointing to his head while the Bills

were losing their season opener to the New York Jets earlier this week on Monday Night Football. The game was played in Buffalo.

Michael Irvin, a former receiver for the Dallas Cowboys who is now an analyst for FS1 football, did not appreciate what he observed from Diggs while he was on the sideline.

Irvin stated, "I keep seeing Diggs and the head coach (Sean McDermott) look at the quarterback and saying (points to his head to imitate Diggs and McDermott),"

which is what the quarterback was doing. "Stop telling that man, 'Be smart, be smart,'

because you're telling everybody else, 'He's dumb, he's dumb, he's dumb.'" "Because you're telling everybody else, 'He's dumb, he's dumb, he's dumb.'" Put a halt to the behavior.

Irvin played alongside Troy Aikman, who is now in the Hall of Fame, during his time with the Dallas Cowboys.

Irvin claims that Aikman would have punched him in the mouth if he had ever made a gesture like that to him during a game. Irvin concluded his statement by stating,

"Stop messing with this man's (Allen's) confidence."Diggs was aware of Irvin's remarks,

as well as the fact that Irvin took offense to Diggs pointing to his head. What is Diggs' reaction?