Kevin Bacon's Ultimate Collab Bucket List includes Taylor Swift: Undoubtedly Correct

Kevin Bacon never loses hope. The legendary Footloose star and Bacon Brothers singer, who debuted on a Billboard songs chart in December with “Here It Is Christmastime”

From The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, was recently asked to list potential musical collaborators and aimed high.

Bacon spoke on SiriusXM's Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw to promote his new Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon podcast about his joy after joining Billy Joel on stage at Madison Square Garden last month to perform “The Entertainer”

And “You May Be Right” during Joel's 93rd gig in his record-setting MSG residency.

Bacon stated the Joel team-up wasn't on his "bucket list" because he saves those for possible things. He told Shaw, “To me, a bucket list is a list of things you can actually see yourself doing one day”.

NFW [No F–king Way] list.” Shaw was game, so she asked Bacon's next NFW collaborator.

"Taylor Swift," he said. It's clear the response is correct. I admire her, though. I think she's a terrific songwriter, and I love her messages to young women.

Bacon didn't attend any of Swift's Eras Tour stadium events, despite wanting to. I've never seen her. I haven't seen her. He responded, "I need to," while shooting for Swift to join him on his pod.

“Hey, if you’re listening, come on!” Bacon has shown his Swiftie status before. The actor and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, danced around their living room to Taylor's Midnights hit "Karma" in April, wearing T-shirts that read.

“drag is an art and drag is a right” and urging fans to support the ACLU's Drag Defense Fund, which fights conservative anti-drag bills. “Drag bans are bad karma. He wrote, "Drag performers and LGBTQIA+ people need our help now."